Club de Madrid, in coordination with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), holds a Policy Lab on Multilateralism, Peace and Security. By bringing together the former Heads of State and Government that make up Club de Madrid, leading international experts and decision-makers, we will seek mechanisms that contribute to a multilateral system that sustains peace and prosperity.

Societies from all over the world continue to suffer the consequences of escalating crisis and the impact of growing worldwide instability. The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to increasing progress in peace and development demonstrates just how exposed our mechanisms to achieve these goals are. This is even more worrying when considering that the UN Secretary General’s Global Ceasefire has not been able to deliver a significant reduction in violent conflict. 
Nevertheless, we need to be aware of the assets in our arsenal. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a key achievement of contemporary multilateralism, provides a blueprint for global peace and prosperity. The 75th Anniversary of the United Nations is also an opportunity to make today’s multilateral framework better fit to sustain peace. 

Featured Speakers

World Leadership Alliance
Club de Madrid

The World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid is the largest network of democratic former Heads of State and Heads of Government. With 112 Members from over 70 countries, the WLA-CdM leverages the leadership experience of its Members to foster democratic values, good governance and the wellbeing of citizens across the globe. For 17 years and through its Members, the organization has also supported the multilateral governance framework and articulated and advocated for a Shared Societies concept and approach to more effectively address the challenge of social fracture and exclusion by promoting inclusive polities, which are an essential element for the attainment of peace and security.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, under the leadership of the Unit for United Nations and General Global Affairs, responsible for general UN matters, global governance, mediation, Finland’s Action Plan for the implementation and national coordination of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace & Security, and the planning and guidance relating to recruitments to international organisations and institutes.

The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation. Nobel Peace laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari founded CMI in 2000. Since then, the organisation has grown to become one of the leaders in its field.

Since 2000, CMI has helped create spaces for negotiated solutions of violent conflicts by involving all relevant actors in the pursuit of sustainable peace. They facilitate dialogue, mediate between conflicting sides, provide capacity-building and mediation support at different stages of conflict management and peace processes, and use their expertise to support the broader peacebuilding community.

CMI is a partner with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and works closely with key international and regional organisations. With around 80 staff members, CMI contributes to peace in the world’s most challenging areas, in the Middle East and North AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaEurasia and Asia.