Club de Madrid, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Crisis
Management Initiative (CMI), presents the virtual Policy Lab “Multilateralism, Peace and Security – Strengthening the Rules-Based Multilateral Framework to Sustain Peace” that will take place from the 6th to the 8th of October 2020.

International Peace and Security remains one of the foremost global challenges of our time. Societies from all over the world continue to suffer the consequences of escalating or protracted crises as well as the indirect impact of growing geopolitical instability. These challenges cannot be addressed unilaterally, but with a robust, inclusive and rules-based approach to peace and security with a multilateral system.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit at a time when progress was being made in terms of peace and development. The pandemic has showed us how exposed current mechanisms are, and how such an event can trigger unrest and undermine the international peace and security multilateral framework.

Although there have been some successes, the UN Secretary General’s Global Ceasefire has not been able to deliver a significant reduction in ongoing violent conflict. The long- term effects of COVID-19 in conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts are still unknown. It remains unclear how this crisis might shift financing priorities, affect mediation and diplomatic efforts in conflict-affected countries, impact the Security Council’s working methods and peacekeeping mandates, and impact international agendas such as Human Rights and Women, Peace and Security. It might also help increase cooperation between international and regional organizations, and develop creative peacebuilding methods.

This Policy Lab on Multilateralism, Peace and Security will bring together the seasoned, political perspective of a select group of democratic former Heads of State and Government from across the globe and the hands-on conflict prevention and peacebuilding experience of
leading international experts, decision-makers, and practitioners.

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)

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