Dr. Ville Brummer has been Programme Director at CMI since 2013, and has the overall responsibility for leading the design and implementation of CMI’s programmatic work. Brummer joined CMI in 2008, and led our Research & Development unit during 2010 -2013.

Dr. Brummer has extensive experience in several conflict prevention and resolution processes in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus, and Central Asia. He has led and advised various international teams and has in-depth knowledge and practical experience on different tasks related to mediation processes, including conflict analysis, process design and facilitation, early engagement with conflict groups, and advisory and support services for several international organizations, governments and NGOs.

Prior to joining CMI, Dr. Brummer worked in academia and in private consultancies. He has published widely in various journals and books, and has lectured on negotiation and decision-making in several universities. He has a doctoral degree from Aalto University in Helsinki.